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K9FV was envisioned by Dr. Elle De Ford. First as a scientist, then as a search and rescue K9 handler and finally as a veterinarian. She remains highly motivated to facilitate the promotion of  healthy mind and body in the working dog. There is no greater partner, than a well-balanced K9.



Elle De Ford

President, Chairperson 

Elle De Ford, MS, PhD, DVM holds multiple active and past certifications and memberships in the veterinary field (e.g., CCRP, TCCC, cVMA), behavioral field (e.g., Behavioral Modification), emergency response field (e.g., ICS, WFR, SAR Tech II, CPR), K9 field (e.g., IPWDA, ARDA) and CBRNE field (e.g., MCBC, HazMat, CWA). DR Elle served in the US Army, consulted for the Department of Defense’s (DoD) Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) as a Subject Matter Expert and in project management. She has nearly 20 years in the K9 Search and Rescue (K9 SAR) community as handler, trainer and veterinarian specializing in working dog field medicine, research and education. As Founding member and CEO for K9 Field Vet Mobile Unit INC (501c3, K9FV), she continues to organize and participate in veterinary care and research for working dogs in the field (e.g., training seminars, deployment) as well as provide K9 and veterinary staff education and training (e.g., working dog nutrition, medical management, K9 First Aid for Handlers). Her approach to veterinary medicine and working dog medical management reflects over 30 years of experience in studying physiological psychology/neuroscience, learning and memory, as well as behavioral and cognitive performance in animals.


Selina Leonard

Social Media and Web Manager

Selina Leonard was born in the northwest suburbs of Chicago in 1992. She has a BA in English and Gender & Women's Studies. She's been working in the vet field since college, starting as a veterinary assistant/technician and now working as IT support. Both of her parents have careers in computer science, and that knowledge and skill was passed down to Selina. In her free time, she unironically enjoys long walks on the beach, surrounding herself with animals, writing and publishing novels, drawing, playing violin and piano, finding ways to help people, and finding and spreading love in every way, shape, and form. 

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Paul Walker

Vice President


Bio to come

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Fred Mendiola


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