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We focus on 3 main areas, Education, Veterinary Medicine and Research.  You can find more information below about each of these areas. 


1. Education Services for 

  • K9 Handlers

  • Veterinary Staff

  • EMS Staff

2. Veterinary Services

  • Providing on-site clinical veterinary medicine for seminars as well as deployment.

3. Research Services

  • Where possible we conduct and collaborate on research projects to advance understanding the special needs of the working dog.

Education Services

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K9FV provides certification courses as well as seminars and materials on topics specifically relevant to working dogs, handlers and the veterinary community.

Example topics:

  • Basic & Advanced K9 1st aid for Handlers & EMS

  • Nutritional considerations of the working dog

  • K9 Physical Fitness and Conditioning

  • Respiratory/Airway health and risks in sniffing dogs

  • Medical handling of the working dog – in the field 

  • Medical management of the working dog - in the field and the clinic 

  • and many others!

See or Courses section for more information. We are happy to tailor educational programs to your needs. 

Veterinary Services

We focus on Mental, Physical and Medical working dog needs.


For example:

  • Mental – K9 mental preparedness, non-performance, motivation, "retirement blues"

  • Physical – K9 fitness, proper conditioning, specialized K9 rehabilitation

  • Medical – K9 wellness, injury/disease prevention, illness, injury/disease, K9 retirement​

Veterinary Mobile Unit

We provide an on-site vehicle equipped and staffed for the following. 

Service Image 1
  • On-site Veterinary care

    • All staff are specifically trained in unique working dog medical needs and handling skills.

    • Entrance exams to maximize biosecurity and safety of canine participants at seminars 

    • Preventative, urgent and emergency K9 care

  • Diagnostics

    • Physical exam

    • Lab tests (e.g., cytology, urinalysis, fecal, blood)

    • Portable, high resolution, digital X-Ray 

    • Diagnostic Ultrasound coming soon!

  • Medical Treatment

    • Minor procedures

    • Medication

    • Supplements

    • LASER Therapy

    • Therapeutic Ultrasound

    • Physical Rehabilitation ​

    • Regenerative Medicine​ 

      • PrP coming ​soon!

  • Basic & Advanced life support

    • Wound and bleeding management

    • Fluid therapy​

    • Respiratory management

    • Sedation/Anesthesia with Monitoring capability 

  • K9 Extrication, Extraction, Rescue, Recovery capabilities

  • Professional consultation

    • K9 Mental, Physical and Medical health

      • K9 Injury prevention

      • K9 Disease prevention

      • K9 Injury and Disease

      • K9 Conditioning

      • K9 Rehabilitation

Research Services

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When grant and/or donation funding allows, we collect data that allows us to better understand the unique needs of the working dog. To facilitate data collection that minimally interferes with K9 performance, conference or training goals (or even deployment), we use some of the following methods.

  • Pre-program sample collection kits for handlers (e.g., urine, fecal samples)

  • On-site data collection stations (e.g., blood samples, body weights)

  • Non-Invasive/Hands-off technology

  • Video (e.g., slow-motion gait analysis)

  • Data tracking collars/harnesses

  • Infra-red camera (e.g., muscle/tendon injury)

Our research capabilities include, study design, data collection, analysis and interpretation as well as implementation strategies.

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