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Our courses are all lead/taught by veterinarians experienced in working dog medicine.

We strive to meet the highest standard of training and maintain real-world relevance and practical skills. 


  • Respiratory/Airway Health and Risk in Sniffing Dogs 

  • Vaccine Concepts: What do they really mean for the Working Dog?

  • Parasites Exposure in the Working Dog 

  • Managing K9 Stress: Physical & Mental 

  • Learning & Memory: Rethinking Training Strategies 

  • K9 Psychology and It’s Influence on the Working Dog

  • Medical Handling of the Working Dog

This course is required of all K9FV staff. It is open to the veterinary, EMS and K9 communities as well and is geared toward both technical and professional medical staff. 

  • Medical Management of the Working Dog

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